by Vinita Vilcane Krilova

After the restoration of the independence of Latvia my family reconnected with family member James who left Latvia before the war. He became a grandfather figure to me. James left his comfortable life in California with his girlfriend Diana and bought a barge that they moored in Paris next to the Pont des Arts, trying to escape a routine life. While looking into his archive, I single out elements that trigger the vagabond in me, while also realising that the story is more complex. I wonder if love, family & freedom can coexist. Under the influence of James I start my own quest for freedom, and try to find out what happened to his beloved barge “Klaidonis” (traveling vagabond) - his symbol of freedom. I look into the story of the current owner of the barge - Doris. Even though the barge has undergone a facelift and a name change, I see more and more similarities that the captains share.

"A Quest for Freedom" Vol.2 by Vinita Vilcane Krilova book fliptrough.

"A Quest for Freedom" Vol.2 exhibition video filmed with James camera from the barge "Sun Day" ex."Klaidonis".

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